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Topic of the Week

Medical Privacy

Medical privacy or health privacy is the practice of maintaining the security and confidentiality of patient records. It involves both the conversational discretion of health care providers and the security of medical records.


Blog of the Week

Minimum wage rises some places, but it's still the COVID-19 economy

For people who are still on the job, there’s some good news in some cities and states in the form of minimum wage increases that went into effect on July 1.

Thought for the Week

"Privacy advocates warn that business' efforts to enforce social distancing and track potential coronavirus exposure could move the nation further on a path toward permanent and widespread data collection."


List of the Week

from American Management Association

Employee Monitoring & Surveillance

  • Nearly 80% of major companies now monitor employees’ use of e-mail, Internet, or phone
  • 94% of organizations deploy some method of monitoring users (compared to 42% the previous year) and 93% monitor access to sensitive data.
  • 99% of the professionals surveyed admitted to conducting at least one potentially dangerous action, from sharing and storing login credentials to sending work documents to personal email accounts.

Top Five News Headlines

  1. Supreme Court rules against 2 teachers at religious schools
  2. Loans Intended For Small Businesses To Retain Workers Were Hijacked By Large Corporations And The Rich
  3. Targeting Podcast Content Toward Remote Workers
  4. CDC says 9% of meatpacking plant workers have been diagnosed with Covid-19
  5. Research: How Workers Shift from One Industry to Another

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