I Hold Law Enforcement And Jails Accountable

I am Hank Sherrod. I have been fighting for victims of police misconduct and jail wrongful death for more than 25 years. When law enforcement officers in Alabama violate their oath of office and your civil rights by resorting to unnecessary physical violence, I go after them. I also work to get justice for families of people who have died in jail due to untreated medical conditions or police brutality.

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Dedicated, Driven Civil Rights Attorney Pursuing Justice For Clients Throughout Alabama

Photo of attorney Hank Sherrod

I Don’t Like Bullies

As one of the leading civil rights attorneys in Alabama, I have a history of success handling complicated and high-profile civil rights cases. My motivation boils down to this: Law enforcement officers who abuse their authority and position of power shouldn’t get away with it. They should be held accountable.

I have prosecuted civil rights cases throughout the state involving policy brutality and denial of medical care in county jails. By taking police and jail officials to court, I help you hold them accountable. I have the experience, resolve and resources necessary to go toe-to-toe with those who abuse their power in order to get justice for their victims.

Calling Out Police Misconduct

Law enforcement officials are required to comply with the U.S. Constitution. They are prohibited by law from making false arrests and using excessive force. The law allows individuals whose constitutional rights have been violated by government officials to seek compensation in court.

Pursuing Justice For Families Of People Who Died In Jail

Being sent to jail or prison should not mean a death sentence. Inmates have a constitutional right to medical care for serious health conditions. That includes risk of suicide. It is the jail’s responsibility to ensure people in custody get the necessary medical treatment in a timely manner. But too often, jail healthcare companies delay and deny necessary treatment, leading to easily preventable death.

If a loved one died while in custody because jail or prison officials did not provide timely medical care, you are entitled to seek compensation in court. I represent family members of individuals who have died because jail or prison officials ignored serious medical needs. If someone you love died under suspicious circumstances in jail, let me investigate.

Meet The Attorney

Photo of attorney Hank Sherrod