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A Civil Rights Lawyer Suing Jails And Prisons For Inmate Wrongful Death

The only thing worse than having a loved one behind bars is losing them under preventable circumstances. If someone you care about has died in a jail or prison in Alabama due to the extreme negligence or malicious acts of law enforcement or jail officials, contact Hank Sherrod, Civil Rights Trial Lawyer, to tell me your story and discuss your legal options.

I am attorney Hank Sherrod, and I’ve been fighting to hold law enforcement and jail personnel accountable for over 25 years. My firm can help you pursue compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit against a jail or prison and the private companies that contract with them to provide medical care.

Was Your Loved One Denied Timely And Critical Medical Care?

A person’s constitutional right to emergency medical treatment doesn’t go away just because they’ve been arrested. In fact, their medical care becomes the responsibility of the the jail or prison.

Sadly, corrections officers and jail medical personnel often deny critical medical care to inmates for a variety of reasons, including punishment, cost-cutting measures and basic negligence. Health care companies contracted by detention facilities are often to blame for delaying or denying critical care, resulting in an inmate’s death.

Failure To Monitor Suicidal Inmates

Incarceration and mental illness are closely linked in the United States. Many inmates either already suffered from mental illness or experience a mental health crisis while in custody. If jail or prison officials have any reason to suspect that an inmate is suicidal, they need to immediately implement strict suicide watch protocols. When they fail to do so, they may be held liable for that inmate’s death.

Discuss Your Legal Options With An Experienced Attorney

Hank Sherrod, Civil Rights Trial Lawyer, is based in Florence and serves clients throughout Alabama. To tell me your story and discuss your options, call or text me at 256-764-4141 or reach out online.