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An Attorney Helping You Fight Back Against Law Enforcement Misconduct

Police in Alabama and nationwide are entrusted with a lot of power, up to and including the power to kill. Inevitably, some officers choose to abuse this power and too rarely face consequences for doing so.

Attorneys like me are trying to change that. I am attorney Hank Sherrod. For more than 25 years, I’ve been using the civil justice system to help clients who have been abused and mistreated within the criminal justice system. I can help you seek accountability and compensation for violations of your rights by police officers, prosecutors and others in law enforcement.

Police Brutality And Excessive Force

Police officers are expected to use only as much force as necessary to subdue a suspect while protecting their own safety and the safety of others at the scene. Yet we’ve all seen amateur videos of police initiating routine traffic stops with guns drawn, or physically assaulting suspects who were already in restraints.

Such actions defy reasonable justification. In many cases, they are a clear abuse of power, but prosecutors refuse to bring criminal charges and police departments refuse to fire or discipline the officers. One of the only remaining options for justice is a civil lawsuit. I am ready to put my decades of legal experience to work helping you seek accountability.

Other Forms Of Misconduct By Police And Prosecutors

Other common examples of law enforcement misconduct include:

  • False arrest
  • Warrantless home entries
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Wrongful conviction

Bringing a police misconduct case is rarely ever easy. The police lie to cover up for themselves and other officers. They destroy evidence. The system is stacked against victims. But I didn’t decide to focus on this area of law because it was easy. I did so because it is necessary and right. My firm will advocate aggressively for you. In the process, we can hopefully prevent others from suffering the same injustice you have experienced.

Learn How I Can Help

Based in Florence, Hank Sherrod, Civil Rights Trial Lawyer, serves clients throughout Alabama. You can contact me by phone or text and give me the background on your case so I can help you understand your legal options. Contact my office online or call/text me at 256-764-4141.